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Alcohol/Drug Issues
Do any of these problems or situations describe you?

These are examples of alcohol or drug-related problems that Dr. Keddy can help with:

Do you need an independent assessment of your alcohol or drug use?

Are you experiencing problems that may be related to your use of alcohol or drugs? Do you want help with those problems?

Is a family member or loved one concerned about your use of alcohol or drugs?

Are you uncertain about the place of alcohol or drugs in your life?

Are you seeing a mixture of advantages and disadvantages stemming from your use of alcohol or drugs?

Have you decided you need to cut down or quit using alcohol or drugs?

Have you made a "New Year's Resolution" but want to know more about how to carry it out?

Are you feeling you need some support or guidance to carry out your plan to cut down or quit?

Have you cut down or quit but are finding that you are having trouble with slips or relapses?

Are you in recovery with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-Step groups and wanting to focus on some personal issues with the help of a recovery-oriented psychologist?

Are you looking for a psychotherapist who works well with people in 12-Step programs?

Psychotherapy & Assessment Services

Private assessments of alcohol and drug use. Reports as needed.

Contemporary approaches to alcohol and drug problems such as:
Motivational interviewing, a client-centered directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence

Harm reduction, an approach to reducing or eliminating the problems associated with use

Relapse prevention, which focuses on learning ways to prevent relapses

Recovery-oriented psychotherapy coordinating with AA or other 12-Step programs

Depth psychotherapy for those who are in recovery but still struggling with a dual diagnosis, relationship problems or family-of-origin problems

Support for those who are seeking a new balance or new lifestyle in recovery.

Dr. Keddy has been working in the psychotherapy field since 1977 and has specialized in working with alcohol or drug problems since 1990. For twelve years he worked half-time in a Kaiser Outpatient alcohol and drug program. While there, he led groups for people in Phase One or Early-Recovery, and Phase Two or Long-Term treatment. He also led Codependency/Adult-Children of Alcoholics groups for people in a relationship with someone suffering from an alcohol or drug problem or adult-children of alcoholics. Dr. Keddy supervised interns and served as Director of the Intern Training Program for a term.

A licensed psychologist since 1985, Dr. Keddy holds a current Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders from the American Psychological Association's College of Professional Psychology. He has trained in Motivational Interviewing with Dr. Miller and his associates at The University of New Mexico's Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addiction.
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